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All this uproar about lost items is really giving me a headache.

I can't think properly at all these days; not that I could even begin to think properly with my Lego's missing. I always have a a certain number of them and.. Well, when even a few are missing I feel like something is missing inside of me. It just feels so wrong. and.. unclean.

Whoever is responsible for the theft of FCR-5487 a.k.a. Hayley one of my toys, you will pay.
This room sure is small.

I suppose it's my fault though. I should have not bought so many Lego's, and instead used the money to reserve a larger room it was inevitable though, that life-sized Lego sculpture of Godzilla had to be built by someone.

I just hope all my toys material possessions fit once I unpack and set up everything.

Also, why is everyone so surprised this is a singles cruise? It's not very smart to not even know what you're getting yourself into. You really should be more careful with these sort of things.